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Learning community "Future Food"

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In this challenge ULT-lab students from InHolland will work together with Peter Joziasse from Interact. Value:

As people we need to have a voice in how Technology and Sustainability developments have impact on today’s and tomorrow’s society. The City Challenge program aims to stimulate and help design the rise of a person-aware connected society and stimulates all citizens, city organizations and other stakeholders like education and commercial to be more aware of the use of new technologies to interact with others in the city. The program gives youth an important voice. Interact.Value wants to hear their opinion about city interactions in the future.  

(Y)our social design challenge: Develop a learning community “Future Food” 

In this City Challenge, the ULT lab and Interact.Value: want to learn more about lifelong learning:

How to develop the Urban Leisure and Tourism Lab as a safe, open, physical and digital life-long learning community platform.

An urban city-lab platform where students and all kind of people in the neighborhood can meet and share their knowledge, experience and skills with each other. In a former challenge students came up with a food concept to connect students and people in the neighborhood of the school. We want you to elaborate on that direction of thinking.

Explore how this new life long learning lab platform can be an educational start-up with learning and working students of InHolland and ROC van Amsterdam (projects, internships, volunteers etc.) Create in this lab a unique future food concept (related to food waste management, local vertical farming, circular economy, smart food box delivery etc.) with a sustainable business model and supported by an education program for students with different backgrounds and levels (inclusive!).

Work out how this food concept can be a social connecting platform (subscription) and learning tool for students, entrepreneurs and local citizens.

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